Tribute to Charles Kennedy

Speaking in the House of Lords yesterday, Lord (Paul) Tyler paid tribute to former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy, saying:

“I am still shaken by the news of my friend and colleague Charles Kennedy’s sudden death this morning.

I want to put on the record my appreciation of and admiration for his political courage.

“It is largely forgotten that when the Iraq invasion was imminent, most people did actually believe the spin that came from No. 10, and it took real courage—real political courage—to stand against that tide. It took guts, integrity and real wisdom. A minority in both the other parties—a majority in my own, of course—voted against the illegal invasion, and those of us who followed his lead then will not forget his strength of character. 

“Charles Kennedy was also, of course, a passionate European and a true Liberal in defence of human rights; I suspect that we will miss both those attributes in the next few months.”

Lord Tyler was Liberal MP for Bodmin in 1974, and for North Cornwall from 1992-2005.  He served as Charles Kennedy’s Chief Whip until 2001.  His full speech in the Lords yesterday is available here.


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