The BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing has been branded an ‘opaque fiasco’ by Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs spokesman, Lord Tyler.

The Peer has made a request for the full results of the final and semi-final to be made public under the Freedom of Information Act.

He is calling on BBC bosses to reveal the number of votes cast for each of the couples, and to reform the telephone voting arrangements for next year’s competition. In a letter to the BBC’s Director General, Mark Thompson, Lord Tyler says, ‘since programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor have so engaged the public of late, the introduction of a fairer system that gives the winner a clear majority might demonstrate the advantages that could be gained if our political institutions followed suit.’

Commenting Lord Tyler said,

“Technology is available at the BBC’s disposal to ensure licence payers know just how many votes each contestant got.

“After the debacle in the semi-final, Strictly Come Dancing must make sure that next time there are just two contestants for the final, or introduce the ability for voters to indicate a second preference.

“That way, the third-placed couple could be eliminated fairly and the final winner could be sure they had majority support among the public.

“The BBC has the opportunity to lead the way with a fair and open system of preferential voting. It’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Politicians would have to take note.

“At the last general election, not one single MP won support from more than half their constituents, and the Government was only supported by 1 in 5 adults. That too was a fiasco.”


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