Perhaps the Chancellor is spending too much time with the Chinese?

The announcement that Labour and the Liberal Democrats intend on voting for a motion to block tax credits has caused a stir at ‘the other place’ in Parliament. Accusations that the upper chamber is overstepping the mark have been flying from Conservative MPs, with the issue even rearing its head at Prime Ministers Questions, with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP bringing up the Parliament Act 1911 and warning Lords not to block the Statutory Instrument. The Prime Minister then said his piece claiming that the House of Lords should ‘listen very carefully and take note’ continuing to claim it is for the House of Commons alone to make financial decisions.

Outside the Chamber there have been less polite threats, ranging from; flooding the House of Lords with hundreds of Tory Peers to the more extreme step of shutting down the House. The latter appeared in an article from the Huffington Post, which is clearly the result of a briefing from the Treasury, headed “Tories Threaten To Suspend House of Lords” and which says that: 

“One option is to simply suspend the Lords’ entire business, and process bills purely through the Commons”?

Today the House of Lords made their polite, but firm, retort to these threats in debate, during which I reminded the Chancellor of the Exchequer that the last person who attempted to shut down a House of Parliament was King Charles I? What happened to him?

The full debate is available on the link bellow:

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