Every week more and more supporters press for the public to have the final say on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. Doctors, business leaders, local authorities, and an increasing number of MPs, and – MOST important of all – hundreds of thousands of ordinary UK citizens, at home and abroad.


They were well represented in the huge march through central London on 20th October. The marches included a substantial number of people who had voted to leave in 2016, but now recognised that the Brexiteer’s case was riddled with lies, false claims and illegal campaign methods.


So how can it happen? I set out a possible scenario in my speech in the Lords on 25th October. During that debate Peers from all parties – and none – expressed their support for the “People’s Vote”. The Minister was a lonely figure, arguing that even if the House of Commons voted for it the Government could (somehow) take no notice! Nobody seemed disposed to agree with him on that.




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