Neither Labour nor the Conservatives have yet given up on parliamentarians setting their own pay and allowances, according to Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs Spokesman, Lord Tyler.

The Lib Dem Peer was stonewalled by Ministers and Conservatives this week, when he asked how the Government would implement the Senior Salary Review Body’s (SSRB) recommendation that the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority should take on responsibility for the Lords.

The Government said it would ignore the recommendation altogether, leaving Peers to set their own taxpayer-funded remuneration package.

Commenting, Lord Tyler said:

“The House of Lords looks as if it’s already falling into the complacency trap over its own expenses crisis.

“After the long-running scandal of MPs deciding their own remuneration package, you would think that the other parties would see the need for an independent arbiter in the Lords.

“Yet the Labour Conservative unholy alliance seems determined to escape objective scrutiny.

“My exchanges with Ministers and Conservative spokespeople in the Chamber this week betray a mind-boggling failure to recognise public concern on this issue.

“If that continues through the debate on the SSRB recommendations on 14th December, Parliament’s reputation will be in tatters once again.”


Note to Editors: ·The full exchange is available at:

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