Peers cannot dismiss manifesto mandate

Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs Spokesman, Lord Tyler, has told Peers they cannot dismiss the primacy of the Commons, nor the ‘triple-mandate’ of election promises in favour of reforming the Lords in all three main party manifestos.

Speaking in the Lords, he said, “Whatever the status of previous manifesto commitments from a succession of Governments, this one is different. All three major parties committed themselves to reform, and that has been reinforced since by the coalition agreement. I have heard the sanctity of the popular mandate quoted so often in your Lordships’ House. There is no escaping this one.”

Lord Tyler reminded Peers that the House of Commons had voted by 375 to 196 against a fully appointed House; by 305 to 267 for an 80 per cent elected House, and by 337 to 224 for a 100 per cent elected House.

He continued, “At long last, after 99 years, we have a Government who seem to be determined to break the deadlock. We should face the political fact that those with a personal interest in procrastination must not be allowed to derail this process. So many Members say that they are in favour of reform as long as it does not reform the rationale for their own presence in this Chamber. Frankly, I do not think that is enough to satisfy the public.”

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