Lords Reform questions answered

Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Tyler, has published a factual summary of the recommendations of the recent Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill.

As a member of the Committee, Lord Tyler took part in 30 meetings, which looked at all the issues around reform in detail. 

The Coalition Government’s Draft Bill and White Paper draws . . . → Read More: Lords Reform questions answered

Lords ‘emasculate’ reform to protect hereditary peers

Supporters of an all-appointed House of Lords suffered a major setback today, as Peers killed off the chances of a Bill to end the hereditary principle in Parliament.

Those opposed to electing the Lords had coalesced around a Bill introduced by former Liberal Leader, Lord Steel, which sought to stop any new hereditary peers coming into the . . . → Read More: Lords ‘emasculate’ reform to protect hereditary peers

Comment: Risks to the Register

“Most people, in all political parties, believe that the Government are right to bring in individual voter registration. The previous Government legislated for it… I…brought in that legislation. I did so because I believed that it was right…It is right, as a matter of principle, that citizens should be responsible for their own eligibility to vote.” . . . → Read More: Comment: Risks to the Register