Majority rule

Last night’s debate in the Lords may – for once – fully justify the plaudits we get from the fan club for “wise, eloquent and dispassionate” discussion, contrasting with the hurly-burly at the Commons end of the building.

The subject?  “Constitutional Implications of Coalition Government” may not sound that enticing (please stifle that yawn!), but I invite . . . → Read More: Majority rule

Essential Lib Dem reading

Taken from Andrew Sparrow’s Politics Live today

• Benedict Brogan in his Telegraph morning briefing says Nick Clegg won’t be regretting taking part in the debate.

So will Mr Clegg be regretting his challenge to Mr Farage? Surely not. Ukip are taking votes off the Lib Dems – 400,000 since the last election – but they’re a much bigger threat . . . → Read More: Essential Lib Dem reading

Labour MPs won’t swallow Peers’ retreat – Tyler

Commenting on news of a report by Labour Peers on the future of the House of Lords, Lib Dem Constitutional Affairs Spokesperson Lord Tyler said:

“What would Tony Benn think of this retreat from Labour’s successive promises to introduce democracy into the second chamber of Parliament?”

“Postponing real reform for another decade of commissions and committees is a . . . → Read More: Labour MPs won’t swallow Peers’ retreat – Tyler