Boundary changes without mass disruption?

Media Release from Mark Harper MP, Graham Allen MP and Lord Tyler

Major academic report published by McDougall Trust on Wednesday
Multi-million pound boundary review starting in 2016 could cause mass disruption
Former Conservative Minister says Report ‘an important milestone on the road to equal votes’

MPs will debate proposals to avoid mass changes to . . . → Read More: Boundary changes without mass disruption?

A better United Kingdom?

Yesterday’s debate on the constitutional implications of the Scottish independence referendum naturally highlighted the profound and shocking potential impacts of a ‘Yes’ vote on 18 September.  However, there was a consistent theme – growing in intensity as the evening wore on – that there were important implications for the whole of the UK, whatever the outcome . . . → Read More: A better United Kingdom?

Quality vs Quantity

Goldilocks looked at Tony Blair’s Queen’s Speeches, with 30+ bills announced each time, and pronounced, ‘that’s far too much legislation’.  Then Goldilocks looked at the Coalition’s final Queen’s Speech and lamented, ‘this is far too little legislation.’  She looked at a perfect, fantasy government of the future and said, ‘that legislative programme will be just right’.

The . . . → Read More: Quality vs Quantity