Lib Dems win key concessions on votes at 16

Lib Dem Peer Lord (Paul) Tyler has welcomed government concessions to the Wales Bill, which will enable 16 and 17 year olds to be enfranchised in a referendum on tax-raising powers for Wales.

The concessions were announced today by Lib Dem Wales Minister Jenny Randerson as she took the Bill through Report Stage in the House of . . . → Read More: Lib Dems win key concessions on votes at 16

Age Analysis

Hot news!   I have just had a reply from the indefatigable House of Lords Library team giving me the most recent breakdown of Peer’s ages.   There are just 2 under the age of 40 and 29 over the age of 90, though by my count 12 of the latter are amongst those who have “taken leave . . . → Read More: Age Analysis

Bonkers by-election

Readers may remember that I wrote recently of the ludicrous system for replacing my late Liberal Democrat colleague, Robert Methuen, who sadly died this summer.

Despite a choice of some thirteen Conservatives and Crossbenchers, the forces of convention did manage to elect a Liberal Democrat. Our new colleague will be Raymond Asquith, otherwise known as the Earl . . . → Read More: Bonkers by-election