In defence of piecemeal…

For years Liberal Democrats have made the case for comprehensive reform of our constitution. We seek a fully federal settlement for the United Kingdom; constitutionally guaranteed decentralisation; fair votes; a democratic second chamber; prerogative power curbed other than as expressly given by Parliament; inalienable human rights.

Across the parties, many of us signed up 26 years ago . . . → Read More: In defence of piecemeal…

Voter engagement and Votes at 16: progress!

Today, the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee is doing something I don’t recall any other Committee doing before it.  It is publishing a report in draft, and asking for public feedback before making final recommendations.

In announcing this initiative Graham Allen, the Committee’s Chair, writes, “we raise issues around re-building our political parties, . . . → Read More: Voter engagement and Votes at 16: progress!

Lib Dems win key concessions on votes at 16

Lib Dem Peer Lord (Paul) Tyler has welcomed government concessions to the Wales Bill, which will enable 16 and 17 year olds to be enfranchised in a referendum on tax-raising powers for Wales.

The concessions were announced today by Lib Dem Wales Minister Jenny Randerson as she took the Bill through Report Stage in the House of . . . → Read More: Lib Dems win key concessions on votes at 16