Sauce for the Goose?

The chamber of the House of Lords can be very intimidating, especially for newer Members trying to make a succinct point, when it is full to bursting at Questions.  They can hardly be blamed if they refer carefully to notes when asking for information from Ministers.

Yet, all too often, when they do this, some old stagers shout “READING”, . . . → Read More: Sauce for the Goose?

Devolution Dialogue on Democracy Day

Today is “Democracy Day”, a project running across BBC TV and Radio.  It’s fitting that in this same week, Nick Harvey and I have published proposals to bring decisions closer to those whom they affect: a prerequisite for real democracy in Britain.

Here on Liberal Democrat Voice, we have already had considerable debate over the merit of “devolution on demand” . . . → Read More: Devolution Dialogue on Democracy Day

Reject or revise?

I suppose we should all know by now, but it still seems odd to me that the positions taken up by many Peers seem so at variance with their Party, their colleagues in the Commons and with their promises to the electorate in party manifestos.   In recent days Labour backbench Peers have been universally critical, to . . . → Read More: Reject or revise?