Lord Tyler launches “Who Decides?”

Lib Dem Peer Lord Tyler has launched a book chronicling 50 years of Liberal and Liberal Democrat decision making.  Who Decides? combines astute insight into how decisions are made at a committee table with a host of stories from his career representing Cornwall in the Commons.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people in Britain who regularly take collective decisions – in a club, in business, in local or central government, or indeed in any other organisation – this book offers essential advice.

The combination of Dr Edgar Anstey’s professional expertise, as a former government chief psychologist, and Paul Tyler’s practical experiences provides invaluable topical guidance.

We discover how the winner of the Man Booker Prize is chosen, how bishops are selected and how Margaret Thatcher plumped for the Channel Tunnel option. How did Tony Blair translate from a lost deposit to a safe Labour seat? How could the Liberal Democrats get into the coalition bed with David Cameron after the failure to deal with Edward Heath in 1974? And while politicians look on the House of Lords as a very comfortable and rewarding retirement home will there ever be a decision on its reform?

Who Decides? is illustrated by Norman Thelwell and is available for pre-order on Amazon via this link.


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