Labour ‘all talk and no trousers’ on Lords Reform – Tyler

Commenting on Nick Clegg’s announcement that the Government would abandon the House of Lords Reform Bill, after David Cameron failed to persuade his backbenchers, and Ed Miliband refused to support any timetable motion for the Bill, Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs Spokesperson, Lord (Paul) Tyler, said:

“The shabby British Establishment in both Labour and Conservative parties have contrived to thwart this honest and thorough attempt to make our Parliament democratic.

“The Conservative leadership has shown itself weak, the Labour leadership craven.  Keir Hardie and Robin Cook – whose ideals and ideas this Bill contains – would turn in their graves.

“By playing parliamentary games, Labour has made sure patronage and heredity will remains as routes into Parliament.  They may make high-handed noises now about their principles, but when it came to voting for the means for a Bill to make progress – a timetable – Labour were all talk and no trousers.”

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