A lively debate in the Lords on 13 September ranged over the various concerns that many people have about the integrity of the elections and referendums we now have in the is country.


At the end of the debate the Minister from the Cabinet Office, Lord Young of Cookham, responded to the issue of public trust and confidence, which I and the Labour spokesperson had raised, as follows:

“I say to both of them and to the House of that Government will be working towards a comprehensive programme of reform over the next few months and years to ensure that our electoral system is fit for purpose and enhances confidence in our democratic institutions.”


But if the present system is NOT fit for purpose, and Brexit is such an all-consuming obsession for the Government and Parliament, that there is no time to sort out these problems, can we wait “years” for essential reforms ?   What if there is another snap election or a “People’s Vote” referendum in the meantime?    Surely they cannot be fought under a discredited system ?

My full speech can be found here.  

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