Labour appear to have given up on their Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, according to Liberal Democrat spokesman, Lord Tyler.

The House of Lords held a special debate on electoral systems this week, but Ministers remained silent when challenged on the future of the legislation.

Speaking in the chamber, Lord Tyler said: “Where has the Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill gone – in which, we were told, there would be a reference to the need for electoral reform and some mechanism for achieving it? Where is it will ever reach us? If it does, will there be anything in it of any value?”

The Minister made no response in his wind-up speech.

Commenting, Lord Tyler said:

“Gordon Brown came to power promising his premiership would mean a new democratic settlement for Britain.

“It turns out to have meant little more than a new settlement for him – in 10 Downing Street where he had wanted to be for so long.

“Labour has treated constitutional reform as a political refuge, running to it when the going gets tough and firmly forgetting it as soon as the heat is off. It’s another case of all talk and no trousers. A deathbed repentance on electoral reform is as meaningless as all the broken promises that went before.

“Only the Liberal Democrats will clean up politics with fair votes, a democratic second chamber and new regulations on party political funding.”


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