The Government has ‘denied the toxic effect of contaminated cabin air for too long’, according to air safety campaigner and Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Tyler.

New research published today suggests a link between fumes in aircraft air supplies and neurological conditions in pilots and cabin crew, and British Aerospace recently confirmed it would be setting new standards for its own cabin air after years playing down the problem.

Commenting, Lord Tyler said:

“For years, the Government has denied this was any sort of serious problem, waving away even the most damning of revelations over secret deals to cover the problem up.

“Ministers have been determined that the mix of air used on passenger aircraft is a commercial issue, when it’s quite clear that this is a matter of potentially disastrous public safety.

“Now, British Aerospace, whose BAe146 aircraft were long considered among the most toxic, have recently offered to cure a problem they continue to deny exists.

“This turn of events, and new research published today from the United States, renews the imperative for the Government to look urgently at new regulations for air quality on planes.

“How many more passengers and crew have to be put at risk before Labour will take action?”


Note to Editors: Lord Tyler is tabling questions to Ministers in the House of Lords for answer soon after Parliament reassembles.

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