Chilcot & Iraq: the Verdict?

The House of Lords debated the Chilcot Report on 12th July 2016: here are some of the key quotes from Peers who spoke, giving some flavour of the debate:-

“The noble Lord, Lord Touhig, said that there was an atmosphere of mutual respect at the time of the vote. I beg leave to question that judgment. . . . → Read More: Chilcot & Iraq: the Verdict?

An Early General Election

All the runners in the Conservative Leadership steeplechase may be denying that they would seek a General Election before 2020, but I suggest that you should examine their track record in terms of broken promises.   If the Labour Party is still suicidal, and if the dishonest Brexit commitments are beginning to unravel with devastating effect . . . → Read More: An Early General Election

A Waste of Time… and Money?

Take a look at this report from the House of Lords:

Lord Hayward

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they will take steps to allow people to include honours in titles when completing forms on government websites.

Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen- Minister

My Lords, this is a matter for individual departments, which are responsible for determining the level of . . . → Read More: A Waste of Time… and Money?