In amongst the relative tedium of debates on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, there have been some moments of mind-blowing revelation.

Labour Peer Lord Lipsey gave a vivid example of the dangers of imposing artificial turnout and acceptance thresholds on the results of votes. He said:

“If there is a vote on this, if the . . . → Read More: Absurdity

Peers and Priorities

The whole House is now hopeful that the last few weeks’ shenanigans on the part of a minority of Labour Peers can now be brought to an end, without further damage to the reputation of the Lords.

I have been reminding colleagues across the House that Labour Peers themselves published a report all the way back in . . . → Read More: Peers and Priorities

Tuition fees debate

I have read with interest the very thoughtful recent contributions on tuition fees, and the role of the Lords in determining them.  Personally, I very much agree with what Baroness Murphy has said of the new scheme.  I believe it will be better and fairer, even if it was not the preferred option of the Liberal . . . → Read More: Tuition fees debate