Lords’ Membership could grow beyond 1000 – Tyler

Commenting on the publication of the Government’s response to the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee Report, Lords Reform:  What next?, leading Lib Dem reformer Lord Tyler said:

“Whatever minor ‘tidying-up’ is enacted in this Parliament, serious reform of the Lords will loom large in Ministerial in-trays come June 2015.

 “Whenever a new Prime . . . → Read More: Lords’ Membership could grow beyond 1000 – Tyler

Transparency Bill – government concessions

Yesterday Lords amendments came to the Commons for consideration. The Government has accepted the principle of my amendment on including Special Advisers (SpAds) in the regime of transparency about who lobbyists get to meet in government. However, the Conservative Party refuses to ‘switch on’ this provision at this stage, and probably for the duration of this . . . → Read More: Transparency Bill – government concessions

Transparency Bill update

The Government’s Transparency Bill is nearly complete.  It is a very different Bill from that introduced to the House of Commons in the autumn.  Full marks to Tom Brake who, while robustly rebuffing the more hysterical accusations about the Bill, has listened, and worked hard inside government to secure a sensible package of improvements.  The first . . . → Read More: Transparency Bill update