Lib Dems expose Tory self-interest on the Trade Union Bill

Yesterday, Lorely Burt, Cathy Bakewell, Ben Stoneham, Barbara Janke, Chris Rennard and I all spoke on the Government’s Trade Union Bill.

As our BIS spokesperson, Lorely gave an excellent run down of the issues, and of the Liberal Democrat approach to them, pointing out the flaws in the parts of the Bill which deal with strike action. She . . . → Read More: Lib Dems expose Tory self-interest on the Trade Union Bill


In a quieter moment last week, sitting on our front bench on Wednesday, I was inspired to leaf through unexplored pages of that essential guide to whole way in which the House of Lords works, the Companion.

My eye was caught by an unfamiliar section: PROTESTS, which read as follows:

Any member has the right to record a . . . → Read More: Protest

Devolution: Who’s Next

The eagle-eyed among LDV readers may have noticed last week good coverage for Nick Clegg’s trip to Cornwall on St Piran’s Day.  As well as the usual round of school and business visits, Nick took the opportunity to publish a joint article on Cornish devolution with local Lib Dem Council Leader, Cllr Jeremy Rowe.  For some . . . → Read More: Devolution: Who’s Next