A victory for democracy?

Lord Tyler writes about the latest developments on Lords Reform, and the unpalatable alternative to progress with the Bill on Liberal . . . → Read More: A victory for democracy?

Lords Reform questions answered

Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Tyler, has published a factual summary of the recommendations of the recent Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill.

As a member of the Committee, Lord Tyler took part in 30 meetings, which looked at all the issues around reform in detail. 

The Coalition Government’s Draft Bill and White Paper draws . . . → Read More: Lords Reform questions answered

Lords ‘emasculate’ reform to protect hereditary peers

Supporters of an all-appointed House of Lords suffered a major setback today, as Peers killed off the chances of a Bill to end the hereditary principle in Parliament.

Those opposed to electing the Lords had coalesced around a Bill introduced by former Liberal Leader, Lord Steel, which sought to stop any new hereditary peers coming into the . . . → Read More: Lords ‘emasculate’ reform to protect hereditary peers