Call for electoral fraud clampdown

Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Tyler, has backed Government moves to speed up Individual Voter Registration, and to stop potential corruption of the postal voting system.

Speaking during a short debate on electoral fraud, Lord Tyler asked Justice Minister Lord McNally if  ”the Government are actively considering two important safeguards to prevent the increase in electoral fraud, as perceived: first, an increase in the proportion of postal votes that are verified-I believe that at the moment it is only one-fifth-and, secondly, an acceleration in the change to individual registration, to which my noble friend referred, so that it can take place before 2015? Neither was a change with which the previous Government decided to proceed.”

The Minister replied, “The short answer is yes, we are so doing…We need to be willing to push forward the process by which people respect our electoral system.”

Commenting afterwards, Lord Tyler said: “after years of dithering under Labour the Coalition seems determined to make progress. Under the last government, the electoral process often sunk into disrepute as reports of postal voting fraud and registration errors became more widespread.

“Individual Voter Registration will restore integrity to the system, and a more thorough system of verification for postal votes would restore confidence without any extra inconvenience or complication for the voter.

“I look forward to seeing these reforms implemented sooner rather than later.”


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