Ban Byers’ revolving door – Tyler

Government Minister Lord Adonis has admitted, in the wake of the Stephen Byers affair, that the rules governing ex-Ministers who take on lobbying jobs should be reviewed.

Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs Spokesman, Lord Tyler, demanded an end to the ‘revolving door’ through which former Ministers and senior civil servants have been able to pick up lucrative retainers, consultancies and directorships.

In exchanges with Lord Adonis, in the House of Lords this afternoon (Monday), Lord Tyler pointed out that it was possible for both ministers and civil servants sell their inside knowledge and contacts, soon after leaving office. He urged a five year interval before taking up private sector posts to prevent abuse. Lord Adonis indicated that he was very sympathetic, and agreed that a review might be desirable.

Commenting after the exchanges, Lord Tyler said,

“It’s just not right for Ministers to become lobbyists, and lobbyists to become Ministers, raising immediate issues of conflicts of interest.

“This cuts both ways. The public will expect that those Conservative Shadow Ministers who presently enjoy substantial funding from commercial enterprises are not being bought to secure future influence.”


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