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Lord Tyler

Hot news!   I have just had a reply from the indefatigable House of Lords Library team giving me the most recent breakdown of Peer’s ages.   There are just 2 under the age of 40 and 29 over the age of 90, though by my count 12 of the latter are amongst those who have “taken leave of absence” (out of a total of 48 from all age groups).  

The full analysis of the age groups is below.  The average age, despite the recent introduction of several younger recruits to the Liberal Democrat benches, remains stubbornly over 70.  The total population listed here (as at last week) comes to 846, with more arrivals almost daily.

Some wish to introduce an age limit, with forced retirement.    I believe that would constitute unacceptable age discrimination, and in any case there are shining examples on all sides of the House of individual Peers who make a major, well-informed and relevant contribution which younger colleagues conspicuously fail to emulate.

The only sensible solution to all the imbalances and over population problems – in a representative democracy – must surely be for the electorate to decide who is most suitable to legislate on their behalf, irrespective of age!


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