The Government have ‘pontificated and procrastinated’ for 89 weeks, since publishing draft cross-party proposals for reform of the House of Lords, Liberal Democrat spokesman, Paul Tyler, said this week.

Challenging the Justice Minister, Lord Bach, he said, “There was cross-party agreement in the group that led to the 2008 White Paper on this issue. Does he recognise that was 89 weeks ago? What have he and his fellow Ministers at the Ministry of Justice been doing all this time.”

Lord Tyler referred to the recent leaks that Jack Straw was about to publish draft legislation and asked for confirmation. However, in response, the Minister evaded, noting simply that some backbench members of the Lords were not happy with the cross-party proposals.

Commenting afterwards, Lord Tyler said,

“The Government has spun and spun that is going to do something about the absurd anachronism of our appointed chamber.

“Yet when it comes to the crunch, they seem determined to give a veto to the very appointees they purport to oppose.

“Their record on constitutional reform of all kinds is one of posturing and politicking but very seldom getting anything of consequence done.

“The suspicion must be that they are just trying to wrongfoot the reactionary Tory hereditary peers, by provoking them into last ditch fury, in advance of the election.

“The past 89 wasted weeks are just the latest let down over the course of the last thirteen years.”


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