Votes at 16 – a step in the right direction

Last week, after months of hard work, we had a major success in the House of Lords with an amendment, to which my name was attached, that extended the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds in the upcoming EU Referendum. The amendment received significant support in the House of Lords, being approved with a majority . . . → Read More: Votes at 16 – a step in the right direction

Effective opposition?

While most of the unusual attention paid to the House of Lords this week focused on for the important tax-credit debates on Monday – in which Labour failed to support us in killing off Osborne’s cuts – there was another ‘fatal motion’ in my name the following day.

With support from Tom Brake, Chris Rennard, William Wallace . . . → Read More: Effective opposition?


In a quieter moment last week, sitting on our front bench on Wednesday, I was inspired to leaf through unexplored pages of that essential guide to whole way in which the House of Lords works, the Companion.

My eye was caught by an unfamiliar section: PROTESTS, which read as follows:

Any member has the right to record a . . . → Read More: Protest