Waste not, want not

You may remember that when I was reporting on a Grand Committee debate in the Moses Room, I asked the Minister whether or not his waste regulations, chasing us all to be more responsible recyclers, was printed on recycled paper.  Lord Henley, a self-confessed “waste nerd”, admitted he didn’t know but has now been kind enough . . . → Read More: Waste not, want not

There is no ‘Divine Right of Peers’ – Tyler

Liberal Democrat Constitutional Affairs Spokesman, Lord Tyler this week dismissed claims that Life Peers should be allowed to sit indefinitely in a reformed chamber.

Responding to a Question in the House of Lords from Lord Grocott, a Labour Peer and staunch reform-opponent, Lord Tyler said, “Since 1997, when a Government…was elected with a clear commitment to reform . . . → Read More: There is no ‘Divine Right of Peers’ – Tyler

Figures of Speech

I took the opportunity of the February Recess to pay a fascinating first visit to India.   So many impressions, but only room for one here:  quite apart from our success in tracking down some family connections, I was struck by the resilience of the English language – often in a delightfully dated form.  My daily reading . . . → Read More: Figures of Speech